10 Inexpensive Date Ideas

Who Says Dating Has To Break the Bank?

If you are single, one of the biggest budget concerns you might have is dating. But who says dating has to break the bank? Sometimes the simple things end up being the most romantic.

Here are 10 inexpensive dating ideas that will not only save you money, but make you look charming…

1. Replace dinner and a movie with brunch and a matinee.

2. Create your own spa at home. Get one of those plastic kiddie pools, and some cheap supplies to make it work.

3. Plan a picnic with leftovers in the fridge, and go to a park to enjoy it.

4. Go on a Picture Date. Take your camera or smart phone and see how many people you can get to take pictures of the two of you kissing.

5. Give your time and do a public service project together. Help out at your local soup kitchen, do a beach clean up, or collect canned goods for the food bank.

6. Take one of those free DIY classes offered at Home Depot on Saturdays.

7. Work out together. Go for a jog, bike ride or stroll on the beach.

8. Walk through some model homes to build your dreams together.

9. Sign up to learn something new. For example, my wife and I signed up for a local Karate class when we first got married.

10. Remember, the most important thing is not how much money you spend on each other, but how much quality time you spend with each other.

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