10 Things You Used To Pay For That Now Are Free

The cost of living is constantly going up, but there is a bright side to things. Many products and services you used to pay for, are now available for free.

Here are 10 things that use to cost money but now are free.

1. Your Credit Report.

Instead of paying for your credit report once a year, now you can use sites like CreditKarma, CreditSesame or FreeCreditReport.com to get it free.

2. Online Classified Ads.

You can find just about anything online. You used to have to pay for a classified ad in a newspaper or magazine, when you were selling something. Now you can post ads for free on Craigslist. And there are many other free classified ad sites online where you can do the same.

3. Newspapers.

It used to be that you had to buy access to newspapers, and someone would come around your neighborhood and leave your newspaper at your door. Most newspapers now publish articles that can be found right online, for free. And if you want access to their “premium” content, it will probably only cost you $5 a month for access on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

4. Books and magazines.

Google Play has 4 million books and magazines to read, and half of them are free to access. Plus, using your trusted local library, you can check out any book and read it for free.

5. Money management software.

There are lots of great apps like Mint Money Manager to help you create cool looking budgets, and give you access to bill pay and even your credit score, all for free.

6. Music. All you want. Free

You can create up to 100 unique stations on Pandora. Services like Spotify let you create playlists based on your tastes, and even share these playlists with others. Then there’s the original music service, MySpace, with the largest online music library, all free to listen to as much as you want.

7. Long distance service.

We used to have to pay big bucks if we called a lot of people long distance. Now long distance is included for free as part of your phone’s service plan for anyone who lives in the US.

8. GPS.

Remember the days when we had to buy a device just for GPS? Now it comes on our phones and tablets for free. You can even access GPS navigation apps that are completely free to use, like MapQuest and Google Maps.

9. Cloud storage service.

With services like Google Drive or DropBox, you can store a a lot of data for free. The free amount is way more than enough for storing personal use items. Then there’s Picassa for storing your photos. And if you’re a techy, you can get an Amazon S3 account that will hold a computer full of data and stuff, practically free, with charges as low as 50 cents a month.

10. Yard sale announcements.

You used to have to buy a classified ad in your local newspaper or “penny saver” to announce your yard sales. Now you can advertise your garage sale or yard sale or free, using sites like FreeCycle.com, YardSaleSearch.com, YardSales.net and many more.

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