10 Tips Before Booking A Cruise

Are you thinking about going on a cruise?

Before you book, here are 10 Tips you need to know according to MoneyTalks News…

Tip #1. Research online, but book through an agent. You’ll find the best deals this way.

Tip #2. Book quickly when you find a good deal because the good rooms go fast. Just like you are looking for a good cruise deal, so are thousands and thousands of other people.

Tip #3. Join a loyalty program to get in on discounts and special fares. This is always a good idea whenever you travel, whether it’s on a cruise or by air.

Tip #4. Book the cruise separate from your flights to save money. If you don’t, the cruise company is going to make even more on your flights.

Tip #5. Budget for the extras. Not everything is all-inclusive. If you want to eat at a fancy restaurant on board, you’ll pay extra. If you want an allowance for unlimited drinks, you’ll pay for that too. These are just some of many other “extras” cruise companies sell to increase profits.

Tip #6. Tip less. Most cruise ships include the gratuity in their rates. Many people wait until the end of their cruise, then leave an extra tip for those who were especially helpful.

Tip #7. Check the government website travel.state.gov to get the most up to date travel advisories about dangerous destinations. With so many beautiful, safe places to go, there’s no sense in going to somewhere “iffy” and take on needless risk.

Tip #8. DIY for excursions when you get off the ship, instead of purchasing the pricey tours they sell you. You’ll end up spending your time with a friendly local, instead of a corporate tour driver. You’ll have a much better time, and probably see things the big tour buses won’t take you.

Tip #9. Look at travel insurance. Check out the website InsureMyTrip.com to compare rates. The fact is, you never know what could happen after you book your cruise. You’ve just paid a significant amount of cash. So it always pays to cover yourself, just in case.

Tip #10. Check for repositioning cruises. These are usually available during or at the end of September. This is when cruise lines move ships from one region to another. Then sell these one-way “repositioning” routes (usually at a discount), rather than sail the ships without passengers. These cruises are sometimes themed with subjects ranging from theater or food… even singles or couples… and others are enhanced with other options, such as celebrity guests.

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