101 Financial’s Ten Core Values – Nā ʻŌlelo Pahuhopu

101 Financial's 10 Core Values101 Financial has put together a list of ten core values which drive our company. Each value is listed in English and Hawaiian.

1. Lead With Your Heart and Serve. Alakaʻi mai ka naʻau mai.

2. Be Humble and Grateful. Haʻahaʻa

3. Family Comes First. ‘Ohana

4. Do the Right Thing. Hana pono

5. Share the Message of Financial Hope Through Example. E lilo ʻoe, ʻo ʻoe ka ‘oi loa.

6. Care For Each Student and Instructor. E mālama kekahi i kekahi.

7. Smile, Laugh and Have Fun. E leʻaleʻa kākou.

8. Do More With Less. E kīhau kākou

9. Learn Something New Every day. E hoʻomau i ke aʻo ʻana mai.

10. Be OUTSTANDING in Everything We Do. Poʻokela

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