15 Low-Cost Spring Break Ideas

Depending on where you live, it’s almost spring break time again.

This is a great time of year when the kids are out of school for an entire week.

But what can we do to keep the kids busy without breaking the bank? To help you, I have 15 free or low-cost spring break ideas for you today, that you can enjoy with the family.

Some of these spring break suggestions are local Hawaiian activities. And many of these tips can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter where you live.

(You’ll notice I’m not covering all of the notorious spring break party spots in Hawaii and on the mainland, where most students are there to drink until they puke.)

Here are my Top 15 family fun ideas for spring break:

Spring Break Idea #1. Hands down, going to the beach is the best free idea ever. Think about this, tourists spend thousands of dollars to fly to Hawaii to sit on our beaches. And you can sit there all day long for free.

Spring Break Idea #2. Stay the weekend at a nice Hotel.

Spring Break Idea #3. Go see the Komodo Dragon at the Honolulu Zoo.

Spring Break Idea #4. Explore some great hiking trails.

Spring Break Idea #5. Take a circle island drive.

Spring Break Idea #6. Donate your time. Do a service project.

Spring Break Idea #7. Have a movie night and rent DVDs from the library.

Spring Break Idea #8. Have a potluck BBQ with friends and family in the backyard or at a park.

Spring Break Idea #9. Go fishing.

Spring Break Idea #10. Rearrange your living room to give it a fresh new look.

Spring Break Idea #11. Volunteer to pull weeds in a taro patch.

Spring Break Idea #12. Check out the sea turtles on the North Shore.

Spring Break Idea #13. Go on a hunt for the best Shaved Ice, be sure to try at least 3 different locations.

Spring Break Idea #14. Host your own March Madness “3 on 3” basketball tournament.

Spring Break Idea #15. Catch up on some sleep.

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