2 Last-Minute Tax Moves Before The October 15th Extended Tax Deadline

October 15th Extended Tax DeadlineIf you filed for an extension to submit your 2012 tax return, your deadline of October 15th is coming up fast.

If you have not completed it yet, here are 2 Last Minute Tax Moves that can help you:

Tax Move #1:

Make sure you have adequate records, receipts, and substantiation for any deductions that you claim on your return. Even if you don’t need to send that substantiation in with the return, you certainly may need it in the event of an audit.

Tax Move #2:

Remember that the October 15th deadline is not just the due date for the extension return. It is also the final due date for making your contribution to some pension plans and retirement accounts. So don’t forget to make your contribution if you haven’t already, or you could miss out on the opportunity to get a significant tax deduction.

Because as you know… every dollar counts!

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