2 Ways to Grocery Shop and Save

I have a serious question for you today.

When you go grocery shopping, is it more important to go on a big shopping spree, going up and down every aisle? Having fun and buying all the things you and your family really want?

Or is it more important to watch your pennies, and just get the items you really need?

If you’ve ¬†been paying attention to Your Financial Fitness, you know it’s much more important to get only what you need, and skip the “extras.”

A great way to ensure you stay on budget, and only get what you really need, is by doing two things before you head out to the supermarket.

1) Plan out your meals for the next week.

You see, if you put some thought into it before you go to the store, it’s easier to get what you need for your family for the week. So always know what you intend to prepare for each meal ahead of time.

Then there’s one more important thing you must do…

2) Shop for your groceries with a list in hand.

Whether you go alone or with your family, the urge to go up and down every aisle and scan the shelves is tempting.

The problem with that is, temptation translates into your cart filling up with items you did not intend to buy. And your bill at the checkout counter growing much larger than you expected.

Follow these two easy steps every time you go grocery shopping. And you’ll have more cash in your purse at the end of the month.

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