3 “Adult” Back To School Tips

As our kids are headed back to the classroom in the next few weeks… My question for you is:

Are you headed to the classroom? I’m talking specifically about the financial classroom.

Now I’m not saying you physically have to go to a school. But do you have plans to keep yourself financially fit through education?

Annamaria Lusardi, a Professor of Economics at Dartmouth University said:

“Financial literacy today is as important as learning to read and write.”

Which is why I have 3 “back to school” tips for adults today, for increasing your knowledge about money:

#1: Read financial books that interest you. There are lots of great books and ebooks about money. Your goal should be to read a new book every month.

#2: Read news from financial websites and organizations, so you can keep up to date with the newest financial trends.

#3: Listen to financial books or speeches on CD in your car or on Mp3 on your iPod or phone. Make use of the time you you are stuck in traffic to better your financial life.

Practicing these important back to school tips for adults could put your finances in a far better place by this time next year.

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