3 Apps For Achieving Resolutions

Well it’s been just over two months since the we hit the New Year. The big question we should ask ourselves is…”How am I doing on New Years resolutions?” “Am I still going strong or have they all but died off?”

To help keep you on track, I found 3 smartphone apps that can help you manage your money, time and your health.

App #1 – The Sunrise Calendar

Use the Sunrise Calendar app to keep you on track each day. It’s 100% free and made for Google Calendar, iCloud and Exchange. Its simple design is also tied into LinkedIn, so you can see the faces of people you are scheduled to meet with. It shows Facebook events and birthdays, and even displays the weather for your next scheduled meeting.

App #2 – LevelMoney

To keep up with your money, try using LevelMoney app. It’s fully mobile and turns your phone into a financial GPS. The app makes it simple to see what money you have available to spend and is free to use.

App #3 – UP

Try UP, a new app that keeps you on track to lose weight, and reach your fitness goals with cool alerts and notices. The UP app will even help you make small adjustments to your routine so you can get more quality sleep. There is a free version of the app for your smartphone.

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