3 Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

If you woke up this morning in a state of panic realizing that Christmas is just about a week away…have no fear. In today’s Your Financial Fitness, I have 3 awesome last minute Christmas gift ideas that are either free or low cost.

Last-Minute Gift Idea #1 – Make a personalized Christmas card.

Not many gifts can beat this, especially if you include a personalized note to top it off. If you don’t think you have a creative bone in your body, you can print free Christmas cards at GotFreeCards.com.

Last-Minute Gift Idea #2 – Give a service.

Think about skills you have that could benefit someone else. We all have something we are good at, that would make a great gift.

Last-Minute Gift Idea #3 – Give your best inspirational quotes.

You can hand write them or type it up on your computer and print it out. Then have it framed or laminate it. And don’t forget to personally sign it.

Remember that it’s not about how much we spend on gifts, but more about the love and thoughtfulness that goes into a gift that is special.

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