3 Sites To Help You Raise Money

If you are considering starting a new business in 2015, growing the business you have, maybe traveling or even doing good deeds for others that require a chunk of cash, you’ll love this.

By now I’m sure you have heard the buzz about Crowd Funding. This new social phenomenon allows anyone to raise money for just about anything and everything (that is legal, of course).

Here are a few new platforms that are creating some buzz:

If you want to travel the world, Trevolta.com is for you.

Trevolta helps to connect you with potential sponsors or inspired people who want to help you with your adventure or honeymoon. All trips are required to be covered on their blog. and their sponsorship payments are made via PayPal.

If you need help with a down payment for a new car, home or help to pay for your wedding… Checkout Boostup.com.

This part savings-builder and crowd funding website allows you to save up for life’s big purchases and get a dollar for dollar match from their partners. You can even have family and friends contribute to your account.

Do you want to change the world? If so, StartSomeGood.com can help.

This crowd funding portal helps non-profits, social entrepreneurs and individuals that are committed to making positive change in the world find money to carry out their dreams.

Remember that all of these sites charge a fee to use their services, but most are reasonable.

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