3 Things To Avoid on Black Friday

With Thanksgiving approaching quickly, that means Black Friday will be here soon, too. When you will be faced with the allure of grabbing some of those hot Black Friday deals.

Retailers are very good at creating a buzz about this shopping day, as you know.

I’m here today to help your Thanksgiving holiday weekend be fun with your family, instead of stressed out.

By avoiding these 3 things on Black Friday.

1) According to The Deal Guy, you should avoid the “early bird” Black Friday deals. The best deals happen on the day itself and throughout the weekend.

2) Cyber Monday is projected to be bigger than Black Friday. Why fight the crowds and waste money on gas, when you can shop in your PJs from the comfort of your own home.

3) Don’t get fooled by the “door buster” deals. Sure, you might see ads for a 55 inch flat screen TV for under $200. But the reality is… most stores only carry a few of those items. To get them you have to camp out for hours at the store. Then risk life and limb when rabid shoppers all rush in to grab one of those 200 TVs. You’ve seen video of this from past years I’m sure. And it’s not pretty.

With online merchants offering good deals on products and shipping, it makes sense to avoid the crowds. And to keep your stress levels down, so you can get into the holiday spirit and enjoy your family time.

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