3 Tips To Save You Money On Pet Meds

Save Money On Pet MedsThe other day my wife and I took our two dogs for their annual checkup and shots. We needed heartworm medicine and paid over $115 for a year supply, for just one dog.

I figured there must be a better way… so I went on a search, and here are the top 3 things I found to help you save on Pet Meds.

#1: Check online for better deals.

Here are 3 websites to check for better deals on pet meds:


After shopping around, I found the same brand of heartworm meds for $78, with free shipping, compared to the $115 I paid at the vet.

#2: Target’s PetRx Program.

Check with your local Target to see if they can fill pet meds prescriptions. Their website promotes ease of use, and offers pet meds prescriptions as low as $4.

#3: Preventative care.

Keeping your animals healthy is as much about preventing health issues it as it is giving them medication. Be sure they get ample exercise, access to lots of water and good healthy food.

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