4 Best Places To Keep Your Will

Do you have a Will & Testament set up? If not, make it a point to have one created.

If you do, where is the best place to store it?

You’ll want to store it in a safe and easy to access place protected from fire, water damage and theft.

Here are the 4 best places to keep your will, where it will be safe:

1) Many people will tell you to keep it in a safe-deposit box at a bank. While this is a good idea, you may encounter problems when trying to access it after a death.

2) You may want to keep it with your attorney or accountant, but it all depends on your relationship.

3) Another option would be with your bank’s trust division. Most times this service will be free, but it’s best to ask up front.

4) If you have a fire and waterproof safe at home, that would be another good option. Just be sure to let your spouse and trusted family members know the combination or where the keys are.

Lastly, where ever you keep it, make copies of your Will and clearly mark “copy” on the document. Put it somewhere that your loved ones will easily be able to find it. Then attach a note telling your family where they can find the original.

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