4 Cool Ways To Send Your Kids Money

If you have kids that are off to college on the mainland, you know they will end up needing money from you at some point. And sending a check in the mail just doesn’t cut it in the fast-paced world we live in.

So today I’m sharing 4 super cool, super hi-tech ways to send money to your kids:

1. SnapCash.

I’m sure you have heard of SnapChat by now. Well 77% of college students use it on a daily basis. Once you link up your debit card, you can send cash to anyone in your contact list by entering an amount. Swipe right on your kids name and off it goes.

2. PayPal.

You can send money to your kid anywhere in the US from your bank account or your PayPal account. If you plan to use this service, encourage your kid to get the PayPal debit card which will give them easy access worldwide.

3. Wal-mart.

Yeah I know, it doesn’t sound cool, but there will always be a Wal-mart near by. Money is normally available within 10 minutes of sending, and it’s cheaper than Western Union.

4. Google Wallet.

You can send money to your kid using email. Now that’s one email they will be sure to open. It’s fast, easy and free to send from your debit card, bank account or Google Wallet balance.

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