4 Free Medical Symptoms Sites

Healthcare reform… You probably have heard this mentioned many times by politicians, Obama and in the media. It’s the new buzz word.

All of these changes can create stress and confusion. And maybe even cost you money, if you’re not careful.

To help you with this, here are 4 free medical websites I found to help you with diagnosing symptoms before you pay to visit the doctor.

1. Medline Plus.

This site is recommended by the National Institutes of Health and is managed by the US National Library of Medicine. It’s located at http://nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/

2. Isabel Symptom Checker.

This site is based on the same system relied on by doctors and nurses around the world, and is acknowledged as the clear leader in its field. http://symptomchecker.isabelhealthcare.com

3. Mayo Clinic.

This free app allows you to look up a specific symptom by name and find a list of possible causes. Get access at

4. iTriage.

This app was founded by two physicians and has been downloaded over 9.5 million times. It is consistently ranked in the top 5 health and fitness android and iphone apps. You can download it at www.itriagehealth.com

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