4 Important Resolutions For 2016

Losing weight and saving more money always top the charts for New Year’s resolutions.

Here are 4 important financial resolutions to make for 2016:

#1: Pay off your high interest rate credit cards.

Just making minimum payments on your credit cards will keep you in a hole that will be hard to dig out of.

#2: Review all of your insurance policies to ensure you have adequate coverage.

We’re talking about home, auto, life and health. Be sure to update your beneficiaries if there were any changes in 2015.

#3: Buy assets not stuff.

This year, look to acquire a rental property, a new business or stocks. Make investments in assets that will increase your Net Worth.

#4: Teach your kids about money.

You see, the number one source of financial literacy for children is from their parents. This is a great opportunity to prepare your kids for the future. By making sure they have the personal finance education they must have.

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