4 Risky Places To Use Your Debit Card

Risky Places To Use Your Debit CardIf you use a debit card to make purchases, beware of these 4 risky places before you swipe:

1. Outdoor ATMs.

These are the perfect places for thieves to use skimming devices to get your valuable information.

If it’s in an open public area, be cautious. I suggest using ATMs that are secure in a high traffic area and indoors.

2. Gas Station Pumps.

This is another danger zone for debit card users.

Thieves can easily place skimming devices on the pump, along with a mini camera to capture your pin number. They monitor their information stealing system easily, while parked across the street with a laptop and antenna.

3. Restaurants and Bars.

When your card leaves your sight, who know what happens in the back of a restaurant or bar. Thieves can easily copy your information without your knowledge, and go on a shopping spree on the internet the next day.

4. Online shopping.

This is the worst place to use a debit card. Theft can happen from malware on your computer, to the middle man that processes your payment. And even on the other end where the online stores keeps your data, but may have a security problem in their system.

Be cautious whenever using a debit card, and always check your statements right away when you get them. Because you could be liable for big money if you don’t.

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