4 Ways to Find the Lowest Prices on Gifts

As you’re doing your holiday shopping this week, I’m sure you’re trying to find the lowest prices available.

But between going to dozens of stores in your area, and visiting dozens of websites, finding the lowest prices for the items you want to buy can be difficult.

That’s why I went looking online for the best “price comparison” sites. To help you find the lowest prices, and slash the time it takes you to finish your shopping.

Here’s what I found, presented by one of the most trusted sites in the world, Consumer Reports:

Low-Price Finder #1 – PriceGrabber.com

Researchers found the lowest prices on 6 of the 8 items they were looking for on PriceGrabber.com. With easy to read results, and automatic tax and shipping totals for your zip code. This site works well for iPhones and iPads, as well as Android devices.

Low-Price Finder #2 – Google Product Search

They have revamped this search at Google. With the easy to use toolbar, you have more ways to define your search. Including focusing on certain stores, or offers with free shipping.

Low-Price Finder #3 – NexTag

This site makes it super easy to compare prices, though they had fewer items which were the lowest prices the researchers found across all of their tests. Here, you get more user reviews on products than you could ever read. Plus you get a “price history” view, where you can see how the price of a product has gone up or down.

Low-Price Finder #4 – Bing

Sure this is a search engine. But it’s also a sophisticated price comparison site, too. They make it easy to spot free shipping deals. And have photos for each product that pop up when you click the product.

Want to know the worst price comparison sites these researchers found?

Well you may want to stay away from Shopping.com and Pronto.com. Both of these sites can give you irrelevant search results, that are close to what you’re looking for, but not quite right. And some searches aren’t even in the ballpark.

So use these 4 price comparison sites today, to save yourself a lot of time, and a stack of cash as you’re looking to get the best deals you can.

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