5 Black Friday Smart Shopping Tips

5 Smart Shopping Tips for Black FridayIn case you are heading out on Black Friday to begin your shopping, before Cyber Monday, here are 5 tips to help you keep your Black Friday shopping “in the black”… and help you avoid to putting your finances “in the red”:

Black Friday Tip #1: Make a list and stick to it.

This is easiest tip to do. Make your list, and be sure not to forget it at home. Going Black Friday shopping can be dangerous to your wallet. If you don’t have a list, you can find yourself off-budget quickly.

Black Friday Tip #2: Research first.

Take a look at the products you want online, before Black Friday. Look at product reviews, and compare the deals being offered on different products, from different merchants, before you leave your house.

Black Friday Tip #3: Get on stores’ Facebook and Twitter.

Merchants often reward their Facebook and Twitter people for being part of the family. So Like and Follow the stores you will visit, at least a few days before. You’ll find out about special hidden deals that might be offered to their followers.

Black Friday Tip #4: Strategize your “plan of attack.”

Think your Black Friday through, before you even leave your home. Think about which stores you will need to hit first, and which ones you can catch later. You may even want to consider teaming up with friends or family members to cover more stores. And stay in touch with them by phone and text.

Black Friday Tip #5: Beware of the HYPE!

You know it’s coming. Be careful not to get caught up in all of the hype. Don’t let your emotions and excitement cause you to buy something you were not intending to buy.

And just because someone else has a cool item in their shopping cart, does not mean you need to get one. Getting too hyped and emotional, and not staying focused on your plan to find the best deals, can turn this day into a “Red” Friday you’ll have to deal with most of next year.

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