5 Free Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

Just 8 more days to Christmas. If you are still scrambling to find the right gift for that special someone, here are 5 free last minute gift ideas for you…

Idea #1: One of my favorite gifts to receive is a homemade coupon book. This is fun, you can just make coupons of services that can be given as gifts. For example, you can give away 30-minute massages, yard cleaning, baby sitting and even car washes.

Idea #2: Another gift you can make are those cool little sock monkeys. Take some old socks and create your own masterpiece that your kids will love.

Idea #3: Make your own special spice rub. Use what you have in your cupboards to create a killer seasoning for your meat.

Idea #4: Everyone can afford to give hugs and kisses… Love is the ultimate gift of all.

Idea #5: Nothing can replace quality time with the family. Which means turning off the cell phones and iPads, so you all can enjoy a nice dinner and conversation with each other.

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