5 Garage Sale Or Yard Sale Tips

5 Garage Sale Or Yard Sale TipsMost of us have lots of stuff. That seems to grow and grow every year.

But all of our junk, and old personal possessions that are just lying around the house, can be another person’s treasure. Which they’ll gladly pay for!

Not only will you be de-cluttering your home by having a Garage Sale, you can make a few hundred dollars or more, in the process.

Here are five tips to make your Garage Sale fun and profitable:

1) Get your children involved.

So they can learn the value of money, and how it works. They can earn money to put in savings, and for going to the movies. If you reinforce their education on money to include the importance of giving, they may even buy your next movie tickets!

2) Consider having a “Neighborhood” Sale.

The fact is, having more stuff at your sale will attract many more buyers. And you won’t have to do all the work. Just set up a deal with your neighbors in advance, that whoever contributes to the Neighborhood Sale will get an equal share of the money collected. This is great to build relationships with your neighbors, too.

3) Price your items with your intent in mind.

You will probably find yourself with some items of higher value, and many items you just want to clear out of your home. You can price the junk you want to get rid of so it moves fast. While pricing the valuable items so the customer gets a good deal, and you earn a good chunk of cash.

4) Be friendly to your shoppers.

The best way to get your shoppers in a buying mood is to make them feel welcome. Just think, if you went to a Garage Sale and no one spoke to you, you may just take a quick look and leave. But if the organizer greeted you, and made pleasant conversation, wouldn’t you be more likely to take a closer look at what they have? You bet.

5) Be willing to make a good deal.

Garage Sale shoppers are used to haggling. They are looking for good deals. So it’s important to be willing to deal. Using your own discretion, you may want to hold to your prices more at the start of the sale, and be willing to deal more toward the end of the day, when clearing your inventory is important.

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