5 Halloween Costume Savings Tips

Tomorrow is the First of October. Which means Halloween is coming up fast. Which means planning for Halloween, including costumes for your kiddies.

Halloween is the starting point of the most expensive time of the year…The Holiday Shopping Season. Which can make shopping for good deals on Halloween items difficult.

To help you stay on budget I’m sharing my 5 Halloween Costume money savings tips with you today…

Tip #1: Borrow or trade costumes with family or friends that have kids with similar sizes to yours. We lend out costumes every year to those that need it.

Tip #2: Get creative with clothes from your closet. You will be amazed at how mixing and matching clothes can look.

Tip #3: If you have to buy a costume, look for something that could have a dual use. Saving you money on future clothing purchases.

Tip #4: Shop at thrift stores. Savers and other thrift stores will have an entire section of Halloween costumes. I in the store for the holiday. I have found new costumes for $14.99 and up and gently used costumes for only $3.99 and up.

Tip #5: Make your own costumes. Use fabrics, ribbons, plastic, cardboard, colored pens and some duct tape to create a Halloween masterpiece your kids will love.

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