5 Last-Minute Halloween Tips

Halloween is just two days away. To help you with what the National Retail Federation calls the second most expensive holiday, I have compiled…

My Top 5 Halloween Money Savings Tips:

Tip #1: Go with hard candy instead of chocolates.

The kids might not like it, but a bag of chocolate candies will cost you about 30 cents per piece, but hard candy will cost only about a nickel per piece.

Tip #2: Make your own costumes instead of buying them.

Search your kids closets for clothing, that with some creativity, could turn into a nifty costume.

Tip #3: Shop at Savers or thrift stores.

You’ll find some great deals on used costumes there.

Tip #4: Search Craigslist for costume deals.

After a quick scan I found incredible costumes for $15. I even saw some for $1.

Tip #5: Buy your pumpkin the day before Halloween.

You may not have the best selection, but you should find a significant discount.

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