5 Low-Cost Valentine’s Day Gifts

Have you bought your Valentine’s Day gift for your spouse or partner yet? Well Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Which is why I have 5 free or low-cost Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you today:

Valentine’s Gift Idea #1.
Make a homemade card.

Include your own personalized love note. This will be sure to melt their heart.

Valentine’s Gift Idea #2.
Give them an experience they will never forget.

Take them on a romantic walk on the beach, explore a new hiking trail or watch the sunset from a private location.

Valentine’s Gift Idea #3.
Instead of going out to dinner, you do the cooking.

To spice it up a notch make it a picnic-style dinner and throw out some blankets along with some candles.

Valentine’s Gift Idea #4.
Make a short video from pictures you collected along your journey together.

There are a ton of apps for this, or use iMovie to create a personalized video that will last a lifetime.

Valentine’s Gift Idea #5.
Just say: “I Love You.”

Everyone wants to feel loved. Hearing those words will make their day.

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