5 Money Saving Tips for Prom

If you have kids in high school you know what time it is…It’s Prom time!

The average student is projected to spend over $900 on prom according to a report by Visa.

Growing up I don’t recall spending much on prom. In fact I do remember buying my date a pretty little dress that was on sale for under $20.

So if you have kids going to Prom use these 5 tips to keep more money in your pocket.

#1: Don’t be too proud to borrow a dress or tux.

Simply changing up some of the accessories could make a huge difference and not cost much at all.

#2: Buy instead of renting.

Surprisingly buying a dress or suit can be cheaper than renting. Plus you get future use out of it.

#3: Brand names don’t matter.

Do you really need the expensive tux or dress? Things move so fast at prom no one will notice the brand you are wearing.

#4: Skip the Limo.

For my son Keanu’s prom at Kahuku High we washed and cleaned my SUV and had my sister drive him, his date and another couple. We even made our own snack basket, with a bottle of apple cider to go.

#5: Don’t stay at the hotel afterwards.

Instead use the money you would’ve spent on the room to have a party at home.

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