5 More “Mom’s” Back To School Tips

In case you are still not finished with your back to school shopping, I have five more shopping and saving tips from Moms, before your kids head back to school:

Tip 1 from Kuhea Asiu – Team up with other parents in your area and buy school supplies in bulk.

Tip 2 from Ruta Miller – She loves to shop at the Navy exchange. Those with military privileges can enjoy sales all summer long. And can buy supplies a little at a time so you don’t blow your entire paycheck in one day.

Tip 3 from Kariane Toyama – She likes the “reuse” idea. She is a school teacher and encourages her incoming class to reuse any gently used items like clipboards, crayons, pencils and boxes. She also picks up items when they go on sale and replenishes her supply when needed.

Tip 4 from Sheallene Alo – She likes to decorate her kids’ backpacks with something new or fancy. She says it makes them feel like they have the coolest bag ever.

Tip 5 from Amy Cook – Amy is also a high school teacher, and highly recommends using a jump drive to save on paper and for convenience. For high school students she says to invest in an NSpire calculator if you can, and for elementary school just buy what’s on the list, and don’t get the fancy stuff.

These smart tips will help you wrap up your back to school shopping, and feel great that you’ve saved a lot of cash.

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