5 Products Not To Splurge On

Are you wasting money on consumable products that have no lasting effect on your lifestyle? According to personal finance blog MoneyIng, here are 5 products that you should not spend much money on:

1. Name-Brand Dish Soap.

Spending more on name brands or on scented soaps makes no sense, because it all goes down the drain anyway.

2. Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

If it cleans and disinfects, go the cheapest route. You may even consider using vinegar or straight bleach for this job.

3. High Grade Gasoline.

If you have a newer car, you may save some money going with 87 octane versus 92. Be sure to read your owners manual before trying this option.

4. Premium School/Printing Paper.

The majority of school assignments get thrown away or stuck in a binder over the course of the year. Your kids may not like the slight discoloration of the cheaper paper, but you can compromise by buying a single notebook with good quality paper for presentations or a journal.

5. Paper Napkins.

These consumable items generally end up in the trash a few minutes after taking it out of the package. Opt for the unpatterned, unquilted boring paper towels and napkins for everyday use.

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