5 Reasons To Shop Farmer’s Markets

Most people automatically go to the “big brand” supermarkets when stocking up their kitchens and pantries.

While these stores look bright, shiny and glitzy, someone has to pay for that nice, new store. Can you guess who is paying for all that? Yes, it’s YOU.

But when it comes to fresh items you buy, like fruit, veggies, and even breads or grains, nothing beats your local “farmer’s market.”

So today I have 5 reasons why you should consider ditching the big brand stores, and shop at your local farmer’s market:

Reason 1: You’re supporting a small, local business owner.
Do you know where the money goes when you shop at the big brand stores? Well after paying rent, utilities and employee salaries, the rest could be going to a company in New York for all you know. Making the big corporations bigger, and the small businesses smaller.

Reason 2: Much more convenient.
Ever pull into a big brand supermarket and you can’t even find a parking spot? Then you go in and battle the crowds, and wait at the checkout line for 15 minutes before you can even pay?

Well that won’t happen at a farmer’s market. You’ll be in and out in less than 5 minutes. Without worrying that a rouge shopping cart (or crazy driver) will find your car and give it a big dent you’ll have to pay to get fixed.

Reason 3: Wider variety of choices.
Farmer’s markets specialize in fresh fruits and veggies that are produced locally, and imported from nearby countries. If you like to serve produce to your family that’s not just the usual lettuce, tomatoes and potatoes, you can have different kinds of veggies for your family every day!

Reason 4: Fresh produce, without the wax.
Do you like to eat wax? How about petroleum? Yuck!

Well the secret of big brand stores for keeping their stock fresh and looking good for a long time, including the shipping and storing process, is petroleum-based wax.

At farmer’s markets, you’ll never get a veggie or piece of fruit with wax on it. Check for yourself… scrape your fingernail against the skin of a green pepper. You won’t find anything at all. Yet if you do this in the big brand store, you’ll have a glob of wax on your fingernail. Which you eat along with the pepper.

Reason 5: Keep more cash in your pocket.
The bottom line for visiting your local farmer’s markets is… you’ll save a pile of cash month after month.

I know if I go into a big brand store and pick up a few fruits or veggies, I’m looking at a $10 price. Yet when you visit a farmer’s market, you can literally leave with many bags full of natural, delicious produce, for just 6 or 7 bucks!

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