5 Store Tricks And How To Beat Them

Did you know that retail stores are specifically designed to make you spend more money? It’s true.

From the kind of music they play, to the scents in the air, to the layout of the store.

Knowing these 5 store tricks before you go shopping will help keep you from getting tricked:

Store Trick #1: All of the good sales are placed in the back of the store, in hopes of getting you to walk past other full-priced items.

Store Trick #2: The most profitable items will be on the right when entering a store.

Store Trick #3: Items in bins aren’t always a bargain.

Store Trick #4: The most expensive versions of a product are the ones at eye-height.

Store Trick #5: Manufactures rebates. Stores know that a lot of people will not redeem them before they expire.

To combat these tricks, stick to your shopping list, head to the back of the store first, and work your way to the front.

Next, look at the lower shelves for better deals…

Then get and fill out the manufactures rebate documents the same day. Put them in the mail right away so you don’t forget, and you won’t miss out on that cash coming your way.

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