5 Summer Travel Money-Savings Tips

5 Summer Travel Money-Savings Tips

Planning on traveling this summer? If you are, just know it can get very expensive very quickly. My advice is to follow these 5 summer travel tips that will enable you to save money and have a lot of fun, while avoiding costly mistakes and overspending.

Summer Travel Tip #1: Remember your snail mail and the bills.

When you’re away for two, three even four weeks or more, the mail just keeps coming and coming. Inside your mailbox, the bills start stacking up, too.

If you’re traveling and having a blast, it can be easy to forget what’s going on at home, like your mail and the bills. Forget, and miss paying just one bill, or you are more than a month late, the consequences can be huge. You’ll pay hefty fees and more interest, then it can get even worse. You can also expect a drop in your credit score which can take a major toll on your financial life.

I recommend you either pay your bills a month in advance, or set them to get paid in your bill pay service automatically on the correct date. This way you can have fun while being worry-free.

Summer Travel Tip #2: Be careful with valuables and electronics.

How many times have we lost jewelry or and iPad while traveling. It seems like the family has to bring everything they own on a road trip, right? If you don’t absolutely need it on the trip don’t bring it. If your family puts up a fuss, make a rule that each person or child can bring one device, phone, toy or game with them on the trip. This will make managing “stuff” much easier, and will reduce the likelihood of something of value getting lost.

Summer Travel Tip #3: Are you paying for insurance you don’t need?

These days, credit cards and car insurance policies are fairly comprehensive in what they will cover when you’re on a trip.

For example, I think travel coverage is a waste of money. If you will have a rental car, check with you car insurance provider and credit card company to see what they will cover when renting a car. It’s likely they will cover a lot. Watch out for high-pressure sales people at rental car companies who want to sell you extras you don’t need. Call your car insurance company before you leave, and you may be surprised how much they will cover on a trip.

Summer Travel Tip #4: Pack smart. Pack light.

If you’re flying, you probably already know that airline baggage fees can be pretty costly. It seems each time you fly, they go up in price even more. While you used to be able to carry on two bags for free, now it’s likely you’ll pay $25 per bag or more.

If you’re traveling by car, remember my tip above, about only letting your family bring one thing each. Having to dig through a car and trunk every time someone wants something will get old quickly. Packing light will also enable you to by a souvenir or two if you’d like.

Summer Travel Tip #5: Bing Price Predictor Alternative

Though the Bing Price Predictor, which had a 75% accuracy rate for spotting the best air fare rates is no more many find Kayak.com a suitable alternative.

Kayak helps make your search for the cheapest flights and hotel rooms easier. Their forecasting tools let you see what a trip will cost you, even if your travel date is somewhere down the road. You can also use their Explore feature to see how far your budget will take you.

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