5 Summertime Money-Saving Tips

Now that summer has officially started and the kids are out of school, remember that if you don’t keep them busy, they will probably eat you out of house and home.

So to help you save some cash, here are 5 Summertime Money- Saving tips:

Tip #1. Listen to what Nicki Minaj sings…

Let’s go to the beach, beach, let’s get away! Here in Hawaii, we have the most beautiful beaches in the world. So if you live in Hawaii, or in another state with great beaches, get out there and enjoy them. It won’t cost you a penny (except for a possible small parking fee).

Tip #2. Hold off on your big trip.

Instead of taking a big trip across the country, or to another country, explore something new in your state.

If you live in Hawaii, instead of taking a trip off island, try and explore something new on the opposite side of your island.

Where ever you live, you don’t have to spend money on airlines to find new things to do. If you take the time to research what’s cool and exciting closer to where you live, you can always find new things to experience.

Tip #3. Visit the public library.

I’m sure your kids want to stay as far away from the library as possible during the summer. But with your library card you can check out books for free, and you can even check out DVDs for as low as $1.

Tip #4. Get outdoors.

Instead of hanging out at the mall and shopping, you can save money this summer by playing and exercising outdoors. This helps you avoid any temptation to spend money by going to the mall, and buying things you probably don’t need.

Tip #5. Plan your spending for back to school now.

It’s never too late to start planning for the next school year. Take inventory of any leftover supplies you have now, then figure out what you need for the next school year. You’ll save money when you buy what you need early, and you’ll be one step ahead for preparing your kids for the fall.

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