5 Thanksgiving Cash-Saving Ideas

Thanksgiving is next week, and with this holiday our wallets start to shrink. To keep more cash in your pocket, here are 5 Thanksgiving cash-saving ideas:

#1: Every year we waste about 25% of the food we buy for Thanksgiving. Instead of wasting, try to cut back on the things you know you and your guests won’t eat much of.

#2: Use smaller plates. A lot of times our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. This is especially true for younger children. Remember, you can always go back for 2nds or 3rds if you like.

#3: Make your own holiday decorations. Try to use things you already have lying around the house or garage, or get some natural flowers and plants to use for decorations.

#4: Use real dishware instead of paper plates and plastics. Not only will you save money, you will help save our environment with less waste.

#5: Potluck it! Potlucks are always the best. They are lots of fun for family and friends, with many different dishes to try.

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