5 Tips For Living Off The Land

You might of heard the term “farm to table” or living off the land. It’s all the rage nowadays. I even find myself more conscious of eating fresh and clean.

So I did some research to help you save money by living off the land. Here are my best 5 tips.

Tip #1. Raise egg laying hens.

With the cost of eggs skyrocketing, you can plan on a hen laying one egg per day. With just 6 chickens you can have over 3 dozen fresh eggs per week with minimal cost.

Tip #2. Start a garden.

The National Gardening Association suggests that home gardeners can expect a return of $8 worth of produce for every $1 they invest in seeds, starts, fertilizers and pest control.

Tip #3. Raise your own beef.

You can raise or buy a cow and have it slaughtered for the beef. One estimate will put you at just under $6 a pound after butcher and other fees.

Tip #4. Shop at your local farmers market.

Build a relationship with some of the vendors, they will be more likely to give you a deal. I buy a bag of 8 papayas for only $5 from a local farmer.

Tip #5. Be willing to trade.

Let’s say you have a banana patch, you can trade bananas with other growers of produce you need.

Embracing these tips will not only save you a pile of cash, it will bring you in touch with nature and boost your family’s health.

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