5 Tips For Not Getting “Sacked”

The NFL regular season is back, and going strong. Many of us we have been waiting a long time for the new season.

There will be parties and get-togethers all across the US for each and every game, whether it’s a Sunday, a Monday or even a Thursday.

But if we are not careful, all of the hype around NFL season can “sack us” financially.

Here are 5 tips for putting some points up on your financial scoreboard on game day:

Tip #1: Stay at home to watch the game.

Going out to a sports bar could cost you a pile of cash. You can have just as much fun at home if you plan it right.

Tip #2: Potluck!

Have everyone chip in on the food and drinks and enjoy the variety, while enjoying the game.

Tip #3: Borrow instead of buy.

If you don’t have things you need for games, like a grill, speakers or a big TV… try to borrow what you need from a neighbor or friend instead of buying it. Then invite them to the party.

Tip #4: Don’t bet on the game.

This is by far the easiest way to lose your hard-earned money. And to make the game not very enjoyable if your team loses, and YOU lose, too!

Tip #5: Do not drive drunk.

Doing so may end up getting you a ticket, jail time and even worse… hurting you or someone else. And all of these things will cost you big time with citations, court costs and super high lawyer fees. Don’t Do It!

Follow these tips for every NFL game you watch, and you’ll have a great time all season. While saving yourself a pile of cash.

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