5 Tips For Saving On Home Expenses Month After Month

As a homeowner, you know the bills and expenses you pay each month to maintain your home can get out of control. Especially if you ask yourself this question at the end of each month…

“Where did all that money go?”

Well today I’m here to help you reclaim some of that cash, especially the home expenses you have that happen every month.

Here are 5 smart tips for saving on your home expenses month after month:

Home Expense Savings Tip #1: Electricity.

If your electric bill is anything like most people’s, you could use some ideas for cutting that bill in a big way. So what can you do to shrink your electric bill every month?

Consider adding natural gas service. Do you know how much it costs to run an electric hot water heater day in and day out? It’s not cheap. With a natural gas “on demand” water heater, the gas only comes on when you turn the water on. And there is no tank to keep hot when you’re not using it, which is most of the time.

Then there’s all the other electric consumers you have in your home. Be sure to use energy efficient lighting, and have window shades to block the sun during the day. You’ll also want to have ceiling fans, and a smart thermostat that adjusts for day and night heating and cooling.

Home Expense Savings Tip #2: Perform preventative maintenance.

It’s a fact, it takes a lot less money to keep your home in good condition, than letting it get so bad you have to call a professional to fix it. It pays to have someone look at and tune up your appliances once a year. And to put a fresh coat of paint inside and out. Do this and you’ll feel like you’re living in a new home, for a long time, with minimal expense.

Home Expense Savings Tip #3: Do your own yard maintenance.

Have you added up how much it costs you each month for your lawn cutter guy, your pest control guy, your tree trimmer guy and your fertilizer guy to show up? Well you can do all yourself, and it’s not really that much to do. And the savings will really add up.

Home Expense Savings Tip #4: Shop around for insurance.

When you bought your home, did you check out what other companies were charging? I have news for you, many people don’t. They just go with the company “their mother” always used. Or the company that the lady down the block uses. Do your homework and you could save a pile of cash every year.

Home Expense Savings Tip #5: Don’t fall for extended repair plans and appliance insurance.

If you have ever accepted one of these “plans” you know it’s likely you never used it, though you pay for it, often monthly. You’ll save far more by having something fixed when it needs it, or buying a new item, than paying for “what if” appliance and services insurance that you’ll probably never use.

Home Expense Savings BONUS Tip #6: Pay down your mortgage so you can stop paying PMI.

If you didn’t put at least 20% down on your home when you bought it, it’s likely you’re paying Private Mortgage Insurance in every one of your mortgage payments. Pay as much as you can toward the principle on your loan, and your PMI payments will go away much sooner, saving you a boatload over the life of your mortgage.

As you can see, you stand to save a significant amount of cash by following any of the tips I’ve shared with you today.

Just imagine what these savings could add up to month after month, when you apply all of these tips? It could be enough to take a great trip, build an addition on your home, or even make your family’s savings much bigger than it is now.

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