5 Tips For Saving On Your Teen’s Cell Bill

5 Tips For Saving On Your Teens Cell BillAre you having a tough time keeping your teen’s cell bill under control?

If you are like most parents, you constantly worry about overages on your monthly cell bill. It seems impossible, but somehow our teens can send thousands of text messages a month and gobble up data like crazy.

Here are 5 tips to keep your teen’s cell bill under control.

Tip #1: Mind your minutes.

Knowing how much your teen has used and how many minutes they have left is key. I suggest using apps like DataMan or Onavo, that track your usage and alert you as you approach your limit.

Tip #2: Drop the roadside assistance plan.

Your teen will most likely will not need it. Or they may have the coverage with another one of your insurance plans.

Tip #3: Combine lines.

Most cell carriers offer discounts for family plans and shared minutes. If you don’t have a family plan now, make it a priority to get one this week.

Tip #4: Consider using a prepaid phone.

“Pay as you go” could be a great option for you. You can cap the cost of your teen’s usage, by simply keeping their balance or minutes low. Then you just add the amount of more minutes or data that you decide upon, when they run out.

Tip #5: Have your teen pay for all or part of the bill.

When your teen has to pull out their own money each month, they will think twice when it comes to how much they are using their phone.

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