5 Tips for Selling on Craigslist

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So you’re thinking of giving Craigslist a try as you do some spring cleaning around your home.

Well it’s a very popular site, with sections for every state and most major cities. So you’ll sure have a lot of people seeing your offer.

But you need to know just how Craigslist works, if you want to avoid needless headaches and hassles.

So today I have my 5 Tips for selling on Craigslist.

Tip #1: Pick the city or closest area to you.

When you first visit Craigslist, you can see areas from all around the world. So the first thing you need to do is narrow down the area to the closest area to you, for convenience. A buyer that lives out of your area will not want to travel 500 miles to buy your offer for $50.

The Craigslist site will know about where you are. You can refine your area by clicking on US, and then US cities. Then choose the “nearby” city near you to focus on your area.

Tip #2: Identify which kind of posting this is.

Since you’re selling something, you need to tick the button that says “for sale.” Click Continue to choose the category of what you are selling. For example… “CDs by owner.” If you don’t see a category for what you are selling, just click “general for sale.”

Tip #3: Narrow down your location.

When you click the category of what you’re selling (in Tip 2), you’ll be presented with cities, towns or counties. The main city you already chose (in Tip 1) will automatically display in your post. By choosing a smaller town or county, your post will run in that area on Craigslist, too. (NOTE: Don’t try to add an additional city or location, or you may get blocked from Craigslist, looking like you’re trying to spam them.)

Tip #4: Enter your post details.

Here’s where you enter the title of your post, the price you’re asking, and your specific location. (NOTE: Don’t enter your address. Only the buyer gets access to that.)

Then enter your email address in the “Reply To” area. Don’t add your name, because if you have a unique name, other people could look you up just stop by, which you don’t want. If your name is in your email address, I’d use a generic email address, even if you have to go to Yahoo and create a new one. The next step is to check “OK” if you want people to reply to you by email.

Next enter the Post Description. Don’t just enter what it is. Try to make it sound awesome. Stress the benefits and good things about it. You must be truthful though. If there is damageĀ or an item is worn a bit, you need to let potential buyers know.

Be sure you’ve filled in all the required areas, which are highlighted in green. Now you’re ready to move on to….

Tip #5: Adding images to your post.

As you can imagine, people are going to want to see what your item looks like. Though this is an optional step, I recommend you always include a photo. You can actually post as many as 8 photos, if what you’re selling requires more details in the images, like a car. Then click Done With Images when you’re finished.

Tip #6: Review your post and edit to fix any mistakes.

Just like you would review a bill you’re paying online before you submit it, you need to do the same here. When you’re done editing, click Continue, and your ad should be live in about 15 minutes if you already have an account. If you don’t have an account yet, you’ll get an email you have to respond to in order for your post to go live.

As you can see, selling on Craigslist is easy, once you know what to do. So get going with your spring cleaning, and start posting on Craigslist.

You could make enough cash to take your family on a nice summer vacation!

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