5 Tips To Save Money On Halloween

Have you seen how expensive Halloween candy is these days? Popular bags of candy can cost you up to $7 each. On sale, you may be able to find a deal in some stores, but this time of year candy is at a premium.

I have found there are about 18 pieces per bag of candy, which comes out to about 20 cents each. Typically when trick or treaters come to our house we give them 2 pieces each. So basically we are handing out 40 cents to every visitor.

Because of this I have compiled my Top 5 tips for saving money on Halloween…

#1: Give money.

If you hand out dimes or even quarters you will still be saving money and the kids will love you.

#2: Give out pencils.

Each pencil will cost less than 15 cents and parents will thank you.

#3: Hand out bugs or fangs.

The cost for glow in the dark plastic toys is generally around 7 to 10 cents each.

#4: Recycle unwanted candy.

Kids get lots of candy from school, parties and church activities. Use some of these candies for trick or treaters.

#5: Recycle old toys.

You know all of those little toys your kids got from happy meals? Using these toys will help declutter your home and keep kids out of the dentist’s office.

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