5 Tips To Save On Eating Out While You’re Shopping

5 Tips To Save On Eating Out While You Are ShoppingWhen you get into Christmas holiday shopping mode, do you tend to go crazy?

Holiday shopping season is the time to be careful you don’t blow your budget and overspend. That includes popping into restaurants and bars while you’re hitting one mall after the next.

Do you know what you spend on eating out when it’s not the holiday season? If you don’t, and you start visiting even more restaurants, you could have a big surprise come January.

Over the past 10 years I have seen the budgets of many of my students. And the one category that really hurts your bottom line is “eating out.”

So if you are planning to eat out, while you’re shopping, or any time this holiday season, be sure to remember these 5 money savings tips:

#1: Before you choose a restaurant, go online and print out coupons from their website. You can also check LivingSocial or Groupon for daily restaurant deals.

#2: Follow your favorite restaurants on Twitter. More and more restaurants are offering specials, discounts and even secret code words you can drop on your server to get additional savings.

#3: Friend your favorite restaurants on Facebook. Some restaurants hold contests and surveys, two for ones and even give away free stuff to their Facebook followers.

#4: Check in on Yelp or Foursquare. Many places offer discounts just for checking in. It’s fast and easy.

#5: Just ask! This should be the most obvious, but many people are too shy to ask. You may not find out if they have any discounts or coupons, unless you ask. And lots of restaurants offer discounts for seniors, military, kama’aina or even birthdays. So ask!

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