5 Tips to Save on School Supplies

For many students, school starts up again in a month or so. That means it’s that time again, when you head out to the stores to buy a mountain of school supplies for your children.

Just keep in mind, you don’t necessarily have to buy a mountain of supplies to make sure they have what they need.

When you begin your shopping, use these 5 Back To School Tips to help you save some dough:

Back To School Tip #1: Use the school supply list from your school.

This is a great tool you can’t ignore. Instead of guessing what your student will need, or buying a bunch of stuff “just in case”… only go with what you truly need for your situation. For example, my 4th grader needs more supplies than 6th graders I know.

Back To School Tip #2: Use last year’s leftovers.

My family has tons of crayons, pens and rulers in the house. We even have used composition books from last year that have lots of blank pages left in them. Do an inventory of what you already have, before you head out to the stores.

Back To School Tip #3: Wait for Back To School sales.

Typically stores like Wal-Mart will put out their supplies early, at regular price. Later they drop their prices as it gets closer to the start of school.

Back To School Tip #4: Shop for used supplies.

As you can imagine, when a family has children who were in 5th grade last year, now moving into 6th grade, they have a lot of school supplies left over from 5th grade. It’s a good idea to look around at garage or yard sales this summer to grab cheap supplies that are not needed by them anymore. You can even talk to neighbors you know to see if you can buy or swap for their old school supplies… or you can look on Craig’s List in your area, too.

Back To School Tip #5: Shop using online discounts.

Check prices online for the school supplies you need. And be sure to use web sites who offer student discounts or coupon codes, to save you even more. Just search for “school supplies coupon codes” to find the best web sites with the most discounts.

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