5 Tips To Save On Summer Travel

5 Tips To Save On Summer TravelAre you planning to take a trip this summer? If so, I have 5 money-saving travel tips for you.

#1: If you are flexible with the dates you will travel and your destination, you can find great deals to fabulous places. Find these deals by looking for locations that consider summer their “off season.”

#2: Book and fly during the middle of the week. Some of the best deals on flights are found on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

#3: Avoid checking in your baggage by traveling light. You can save some serious money by carrying your bags with you on the plane.

#4: Stay just outside the city or popular area, to find better rates on your hotel room. A great example is staying in hotels off of the strip in Las Vegas, rather than those “on the strip.”

#5: Ask a local. If you want the real scoop on the best and cheapest food, entertainment and shopping, just talk to a local. Just like we have Kamaaina discounts in Hawaii, most other places have the same types of deals. You just have to find out about them by asking around. A great place to do this before you travel is on www.TripAdvisor.com

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