5 Tips When A Flight Gets Canceled

With the crazy time we had because of the storm here in Hawaii, hundreds of flights were canceled. I even missed a flight to Kauai because of Hurricane Issel.

If you have ever experienced this before, you know it can be very stressful and chaotic.

So today I have 5 tips to follow if your flight gets canceled for any reason:

Tip 1. If you are at the airport when your flight is canceled, immediately get in line to see the gate agent. While you are in line, call the airline’s customer support number, since you may have better luck over the phone.

Tip 2. If you get the “your call will be answered in 30 minutes” message, you can try going to the airline’s website or mobile app to rebook there. Or you can have another travel party member or someone at home check online for you while you are on the phone.

Tip 3. Tweet. Some of the major airlines are very good at using Twitter for alerts, updates and customer support. So give it a try.

Tip 4. Always be sure to ask to be rerouted on the same airline. If they can’t do it, the airline is not obligated to rebook you on other airlines. But your chances increase if you are persistent and firm.

Tip 5. Be sure to keep your luggage in mind when making your new arrangements, so it travels with you. And don’t be afraid to ask for a little compensation for your inconvenience. Remember… it never hurts to ask.

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