5 Tricks Your Grocer Doesn’t Want You To Know

grocer tricksTo stay financially fit, you need to know how to play both offense and defense. Today I’m going to help you to play “financial defense.”

Here are 5 tricks your grocer does not want you to know, that you can use to save some cash today…

#1: The most expensive version of products…

Are placed at eye level on the shelves. The cheaper versions are typically on the lower shelves. Before you buy, make sure you scan the lower shelves for deals.

#2: Impulse-oriented items…

Are placed at the checkout counter. Stores love to stock overpriced products that have wide appeal at the checkout counter. Your best plan of action here is to do what you can to resist the urge to grab that pack of Reese’s cups.

#3: The items you see at the “end caps”…

These are the “specials” at the ends of each aisle. These products are typically not on sale, but are just dressed up nicely, and placed prominently so you notice them.

#4: The grocer knows our movement patterns…

Ever notice that all of the fresh baked goods and produce section is always to our right? That’s because your friendly grocer knows that most often, people enter the store and walk past all of the checkouts to begin their shopping. Which leads them to the right side of the store. This enables the store to “strategically” place appealing items in your way.

#5: We don’t always understand numbers…

So if something looks like it’s a deal, even if it’s not, with the grocer using “strategic” pricing, we might just buy it, even though we may not figure it out, that we ended up paying more, until later when we’re already home.

So the next time you head out to get some groceries, put your “smart hat” on, and see how many tricks you can find!

Then do your best to avoid them, if you want to save some cash.

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