5 Ways to Avoid Costly Mistakes and Save More Money (Part 2)

5 Ways to Avoid Costly Mistakes and Save More Money Part 2

This month I’m continuing my special segment for homeowners, to help you keep more cash in your pocket. These tips will help you save money and avoid mistakes that cost you money.

See how many of these money saving tips you’re already doing, and how many mistakes you may be making now.

Then look out for 5 more tips coming your way in next month’s Financial Fitness Magazine.

Keeping More Cash Tip #1: Check The Reset Button.

When a light goes out, who do you call? If you’re like most, you call the local home repair company. They come out and check the situation, fix it for you, then leave you with a hefty bill. Next time a light goes out, check the GFCI, or ground fault circuit interrupter first. That’s the little red button on most newer plug receptacles and outdoor lighting. Press it, and most likely you’ll reset the GFCI and you’re good to go. Do this next time before you call for help, and you’ll save a pile of cash.

Keeping More Cash Tip #2: Test the Outlet.

Ever have one of your electronic devices stop working out of the blue? It can happen any time. Before you assume the electronic device is broken, and you go out and buy another, try this instead. Unplug the device and plug in a lamp or clock in the same outlet. If the lamp works and the clock shows the time, your outlet is fine, and the outage was just a momentary glitch. This is another way to save cash when you would usually call an expensive repair man, for something that is really simple to check.

Keeping More Cash Tip #3: Flip the Breaker.

Staying with my last example, if you find the lamp or clock does not work, don’t throw them away. Leave them plugged in, and find the box in your home where the circuit breakers are located. You’ll see all the switches will be in the same direction. When you see one that is in the opposite direction, you may have had a power surge that tripped that circuit breaker. Just flip that one breaker in the same direction as the others, and you should be good to go, without calling anyone.

Keeping More Cash Tip #4: Fixing Leaking Doors.

Do you sometime see water coming in from under an outside door, when it rains hard for a while? Do you sometime feel a cool or warm breeze coming up from the threshold? Leaving this situation alone can cost you money as cool or warm air leaves your home. Water leaking in can cause damage that will need to be repaired. Instead, get a screwdriver and adjust the screws on the threshold. As you do, the metal piece raises so it is closer to the bottom of your door. This will save you money by stopping water from coming in and stopping your AC or heated air from leaking out.

Keeping More Cash Tip #5: Inspect Your Gutters.

During different times of the year, debris from trees can collect in your home’s gutters. As this builds up, the gutters can’t do their job effectively. Let this build up for a long time, and you can develop leaks that can make their way into your home. In severe cases, the weight of debris can bring down your gutters, requiring a repair company to come to your location and fix it. As usual, when you call a service company to come to your home, you can expect a hefty bill. It makes sense to clean your gutters regularly, so you can keep more cash in the bank.

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