5 Ways To Reduce College Costs

Since we’re talking about ways to pay for your kids college education this week…

Here are 5 ways to dramatically reduce the cost of a college education:

Cost-Cutter #1: Have your student take High School Advanced Placement classes, better known as AP classes.

The test will cost $92, and your student has to pass. But it’s much cheaper and faster than taking the class in college.

Cost-Cutter #2: Attend a local community college or state college.

You student can knock out their general requirements there and will be much more affordable. But be sure to check that the credits will transfer to your preferred University first.

Cost-Cutter #3: Have your student take at least 15 credit hours or more each semester.

Most Universities only require your student to take 12 credits to be considered full-time. Taking more credits will allow them to graduate faster, thereby saving you money.

Cost-Cutter #4: Try the college-level examination program or CLEP.

For $80, your student can test out of a class your student might already have mastered and earn 3 credit hours.

Cost-Cutter #5: Take online classes.

My oldest son Keanu is taking college classes online and he is still only in high school. Your high school student can do the same. And you stand to save some serious cash.

As you can see, a little preparation and knowledge can go a long way when cutting your student’s college education costs.

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