5 Ways To Save On Rent

Are you looking to rent a new apartment or home?

If you are, I’m sure you realize that rents are increasing each and every year. According Rent Jungle, the average 2 bedroom apartment in Hawaii at the end of 2014 was $2,524 a month!

To help save some money on rent, here are 5 smart moves you can make.

#1: Start your search early.
If at all possibly start your search 3 months prior to your expected move date. You can track the rents in the area you want to live, and have some background knowledge before signing a contract.

#2: Commit to a longer lease.
Sometimes landlords will give a discount in exchange for a longer contract period.

#3: Look for free stuff.
Some rentals offer free utilities or free Wi-Fi. The savings from the free services could end up saving you a lot of money.

#4: Trade your time or skill for a discount.
Are you handy around the house?  Are you a skilled painter, carpenter or even a landscaper? If you are, you can do a trade of services for a discount on your rent.

#5: Just ask.
It never hurts to ask for a discount. Landlords are human too, and may consider your request.

If you can get a $100 trade-off deal, or discount per month, you stand to save $1,200 on our rent every year.

Negotiate a $200 deal, and it’s like getting one-month rent free, every year.

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