5 Ways To Take The Fright Out Of Christmas

It’s almost December. What a beautiful time of year. The holiday spirit is all around us and the mood is merry and bright.

Expect for… the financial stress we feel every night at around 10pm when we sit down at the dinner table to look over our financial situation.

Uggg! Not a great feeling at all.

To help you bring some financial hope back into your life, here are 5 things you can do today to take away the financial fright of Christmas and make things bright.

1) Know your limit.

To figure out how much money you will have available to spend, write down all of your expenses and subtract that from your income.

2) Make a list and check it twice.

Who do you really need to get a gift for and who will be fine with a nice Christmas card.

3) Pick a family.

Instead of getting a gift for each person in a family, try picking a family and get a gift for the entire family to share.

4) Be straight with your kids.

At our home we tell our kids that they will get one present from mom and dad and one from Santa. When they know up front, it make things easier at Christmas time.

5) Avoid going into debt for Christmas.

Realize this… your numbers are what they are. You need to know the resources you have available. And then make the best of it.

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