6 Cyber Monday Cash-Saving Tips

If you will miss out on all of the Black Friday deals this week because you don’t want to fight the crowds and wait in long lines… You’re in luck.

Cyber Monday is just around the corner. And according to retail experts, you can find the same good deals on Cyber Monday as you would on Black Friday…without the lines.

Here are 6 tips for saving some cash on Cyber Monday:

1) Make a list and check it twice. Know who you need presents for. You have the list, now it’s your job to stick to the list.

2) Be prepared. Before you buy a product, do some research on sites like ConsumerReports.org and others, and read the product reviews to help you avoid buying a lemon.

3) Now that you know what you want to get, it’s time to check on prices. I like using a website called PriceGrabber.com that compares prices from multiple websites all on one page.

4) FatWallet.com is a simple and easy to use website to find coupons, cash-back offers and promo codes for discounts.

5) Do a quick scan of the Facebook page and Twitter accounts of your favorite retailers. Then make note of their best specials, and specials on any items on your list.

6) Remember to find sites that offer free shipping to Hawaii (or where ever you live). If you’re making 3 to 5 purchases online, this will save you a boatload of cash.

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