6 Free Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you running short on time and are still in need of Christmas gifts? Well if you are, I have compiled 6 Free Christmas Gift ideas for you.

Idea 1 – Check your credit cards for redeemable rewards points.

Some cards lets you exchange points for products or gift cards.

Idea 2 – Create a book of quotes and poems.

Try this…write or print out all of your favorite poems and quotes and turn it into a book. You can personalize it with a dedication page at the beginning with some family photos.

Idea 3 – Gift of good health.

Plan to workout with the person you give this to. You can go on walks together, run a few miles or do P90x together.

Idea 4 – Picture collage.

Take some of your favorite pictures and create a gift full of fun memories.

Idea 5 – Teach a skill.

Whatever you are good at can be used as a fantastic present to friend or loved one, when you show them how they can do the same thing.

Idea 6 – Utilize your talents.

Whether you can sing or not, record your loved one’s favorite song. And whether you are artistic or not, paint a picture for them (you can even use stick figures), or write a personalized poem. Just be yourself and use some creativity. They will love you for it.

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